Private & Confidential Appointments

For Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Past Life Readings, Energy Healings, Gift Certificates or private meditation sessions at Diana's NEW private office at 78 Chestnut St., Oneonta. (where Dr. Wiggins' Dentist practice is-downstairs). Call (607) 433-2089 to book your appointment, or click on Contact Us. Also offering readings at THE AVALON MOON in Delhi, most Fridays & by arrangement- call to book! (607-746-7389).

Subtle Energy Healings

Everyone has an energy body as well as a physical body. Diana tunes into the divine energy from the universe to be an instrument for the energy boost needed to heal you on an energetic level. With a background of comforting, calming music, you simply sit in a chair while Diana places her hands on your shoulders, and a few inches away from you. This is meant to work along with your physician’s recommended regimen of healing, not as a substitute for needed medical care. A session promotes well-being and stress relief, as well as peace of mind for healthy clients; One can expect: Enhanced physical and mental well-being; Stress and anxiety relief from a challenging life. Clients have had relief of pain from sprains, backaches, surgery, chronic pain, headaches, sore throats, arthritis, etc. Occasionally, a symptom has disappeared entirely. Also the healing time is considerably shortened.

Intuitive Development Classes

Anyone can learn to get information intuitively! Develop your intuitive channels safely in a fun class setting. Classes are designed to facilitate a deeper meditative state, where you will recognize your own intuitive guidance by connecting with your own higher powers. A variety of Meditation Disciplines will be experienced, and people of any (or no) spiritual background are welcome. Among the guided meditations will be a meditation to promote Self-Healing, and a meditation to meet your spiritual guides.

“I loved your workshop. It was a rich experiential blend of techniques, personal insights, and applicable information. A wonderful inspiration for beginners and advanced intuitives, alike. Great job!”


Self-Healing Class

Many people suffer from chronic pain or mysterious symptoms that seem to challenge the limits of our Western Medical system. If you want to explore alternative methods for relieving pain, or to boost your own natural ability to heal yourself, this is the class for you. Stop the endless cycle of prescription drugs that end up being addictive without offering a cure. We explore the science behind mind-body medicine, and easy practical techniques for relieving pain & stress- including guided meditation, medical hypnosis, energy healing, accupressure and much more. Including a resource booklist and a listing of local alternative healing practitioners for your further exploration. These are meant to accompany your physician's treatment plan for you, not to be a substitute for needed medical care.

Other Services Offered by Diana

- Phone Readings; credit cards accepted
- Gift Certificates; credit cards accepted
- Intuitive Development Classes
- Wedding Ceremonies
- Full Moon Release & Renewal Workshop
- Workshop on Meeting Your Spirit Guides
- Message Circles- short messages for audience from two psychic mediums
- Self-Healing Classes
- House Blessings
- Workshops, or message circle for your Groups
- Group Rates for Parties
- Call to arrange appointment: 607-433-2089 Or Click on "Contact Us" and send me an e-mail!


Message Circle Description: I can do a "message circle" with all participants in a circle, so all the friends, or co-workers are overhearing each other's reading in a group setting. Each person gets a short message- its whatever I pick up from spirit- it might be about their personality, their gifts, a relationship, their direction in life, usually upbeat and fun, but also very powerful, to know that you are not alone on your life path, but have assistance along the way to get over the bumps, the slings and arrows- perhaps something about their future, or advice with a current situation. I can take up to 10 people (or 12) for $200 and the message circle would take about an hour and a half or two hours. Their spirit guides, or spirit loved ones are very good about not revealing anything too confidential in a public setting. Its fun to hear everyone else's reading, but if individual readings are preferred, I can do short 20 minute readings for everyone at the party or retreat in a separate room- you would have to assign appointment times, for $25 each. I do not use tarot cards, I do not use any instruments- I just receive images, symbols, words, phrases with my eyes closed after I tune in and say a prayer to protect the space. Let me tell you it is much safer than the Ouiji Board, which our teens often want to do at a party!!! I was trained in the Spiritualist Tradition from Lily Dale, NY, so I always establish a very safe and protected environment. If you want to check for available dates, please click on “Contact Us” and send me an e-mail!

Officiate at Your Wedding

Rev. Diana Friedell was ordained at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, in 2004, in the Spiritualist tradition and is an Evangelical Minister. Diana was delighted to have officiated at 9 weddings in New York State, Virginia and Hawaii. The final choices of what goes into your wedding service, is entirely the choice of the people getting married. Diana provides several choices in wording for you, of all the parts in the service, and you choose what is most comfortable or reflective of your your views toward your marital vows and your spirituality. Contact me if you are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss your special day and what your vision is. Together we create a hugely successful & moving ceremony that you so richly deserve on this momentous occasion! Diana honors all spiritual paths, and the special calling that brought the two of you together to this moment of formalizing your commitment. Click on "contact us" and send me an e-mail. Or call 607-433-2089.