Free Guided Meditation by Diana:

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Meditation has been scientifically proven to have immense medical benefits- such as lowering blood pressure, quicker healing time from a physical or emotional wound, less depression, stress & anxiety, reduced illness, decreased risk of heart attack and stroke, and, even, a younger biological age!   But that’s not the only reason I teach people to meditate -

I believe that meditation is the way to connecting with your soul self and to access intuitive information.  When you learn to let go of the every day thoughts & lists, and easily drift into the transcendent state, you encounter feelings of lightness, well-being and ecstasy as you connect to your deepest dimension.  It is in that transcendent state, if you are open and receptive, that life guidance questions are answered, that you hear the voice of Divine Guidance.  No matter what spiritual path you have been following, be it Protestant, Catholic, Islam, Christian, Unitarian, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, or even none at all, meditation will only serve to deepen your connection to the light within that connects us all.

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Guided Meditation CD "A Pine Forest Reverie":

Features Diana's original guided meditation accompanied by beautiful contemplative music composed by her musician/composer sister, Cathie Porter-Borden from Frederick, MD.

"I found that Diana's calm, soothing voice brought me very quickly from busy every day thoughts to a deeper, transcendent place". C.M., Hartwick, NY

"Every experience I have shared with Diana has been extremely profound." K.N., Schenevus, NY.

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