What To Expect At Your Reading:

Diana receives pictures clairvoyantly that relate to your life, and current issues that you are facing. The pictures are sometimes symbolic of a new way to approach a problem.  Messages are further enhanced by what Diana hears (clairaudience) and what Diana is sensing in the physical (clairsentience). Readings are meant to help you in your personal growth and self-understanding, but are not intended to make decisions for you.  We all have the freedom of choice to accept or reject a message - if there is a part of the message that doesn’t resonate with you, just file it away, as many times, clients contact Diana later to tell her of something that dawned on them later, or a connection was made with something that happened well after the reading. There will be a time to ask questions, if all of your concerns were not touched on.  Diana makes a recording of the reading for you to take home, so that you can review it at a later date. Diana honors personal beliefs, spiritual paths, and lifestyles and all readings are held confidential.


A spirit guide, or a departed loved one, family member or friend who has passed on, may pop in at any time in a regular reading. I usually receive a sensation, and an image to indicate the presence of a spirit coming to visit, or with a message. It is my goal, and intention to give what I receive, and I trust that my guides are facilitating this process, to help me to give you the message that Spirit intended you to get for your highest good, and to assist you in your life path. If there is someone in spirit that you are hoping to hear from, please let that be known. You may like to bring a meaningful item of theirs for me to hold, it may help - but it is not necessary, I will do my best to try and reach out, but occasionally, for several reasons, the spirit you are trying to contact may not be available.


We accept all credit cards, pay for your reading at the time of your appointment; or pre-pay at the store.

~ 30 Minutes = $40.00


~ 45 Minutes = $60.00 (Reading & Healing Can Be Combined).

~ 60 Minutes = $80.00 (All Readings Include a Cassette Tape Recording of your Session).

Phone Readings:
(Includes CD recording which will be mailed to you).

~ 30 Minutes = $45.00.

~ 45 Minutes = $65.00.


~ 60 Minutes = $85.00.

For Previous Clients:

~ One Question - Diana's Answer Via E-Mail = $20.00

Process of a Reading:

  1. It’s a good idea for you to write down your questions, before you come in, just to be clear on what it is you hope to have progress or guidance on in your life. But I will not look at it. You will have a chance to ask questions once we are underway.
  2. I actually prepare for your reading by setting up the space with music, candles and by generating special uplifting energy. I also call upon your Spirit Guides and your spirit loved ones to join me in the reading (or healing) for you. I do ask that you do your part and take your reading-appointment seriously by doing all you can to arrive at your appointed time. Remember, information that may be vital to your future and messages from those who have crossed over are waiting to be given to you at your reading.
  3. I always open the session with a prayer. Images are “seen” more clearly when my eyes are closed, so much of the time my eyes will be closed. I ask that you don’t tell me anything about your life to start with. Since I do not know the circumstances of your life, the information I receive from my guides, or your guides is coming across in its pure form, without a chance for my logical mind (or left brain!) to intervene and impose an interpretation on the information I receive. If it comes through to me that the guides want to talk to you about your relationship, or your son or daughter, or your job, for example, and the information is hitting your situation accurately, that will be verifiable information for you, proof, so to speak, that your guides, or your spirit loved ones are indeed aware of your life path and are there to assist you, if you ask.
  4. I do need to hear your voice, and need to know, if what I’m saying resonates within the context of your life. So I will be asking if you “understand this”- and does this make sense to you, just to give me confidence that I am connecting with you.
  5. When I tune in, the images I receive are always “right”, I just may be applying this to the wrong part of your life- for example, sometimes someone’s biggest current issue is their son or daughter’s relationship break-up, and I maybe pick up on the break-up in relationship, and ask if you are in the process of breaking up. If you cannot identify AT ALL with the reading, after the first few items, I will stop and end the reading, and not expect any payment. Once in a while, a block occurs and I’m not getting anything. It helps if you come in with an open mind, no expectations, and no anger. Sometimes, just starting over, is effective. I may ask to take your hand to connect more directly with your energy, and ask for one of your questions.